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Job Title:
Research/Business/Market Analyst

Remote, Flexible Hours

- Fluent in English
- Experience with data entry
- Exceptional communication skills
- Skilled with social media

4 Weeks

At MQ Business Solutions we partner with our clients to develop integrative solutions to the challenges they are facing. We are looking for a Research/Business/Market Analyst to help us conduct market research, complete data entry, and prepare a summary of our results for a key client. Below is a more detailed summary of the key responsibilities and deliverables for this project:

Market Research: The Research/Business/Market Analyst will be assigned to one of our core clients, a tech start-up. We will provide a list of the company’s top 10 competitors and for each company (client and list of competitors) the Research/Business/Market Analyst will be asked to:

  • Document the core strategy
  • Identify the geographic location of each
  • Document details about the founding and management team including career history information (e.g., LinkedIn)
  • Gather information posted on social media accounts (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) over the past 6 months
  • Gather media coverage in key local and national news outlets
  • Identify whether each company has sought/received funding (e.g., crowdfunding, venture capital)
  • List relevant industry conferences

Data Entry: The Research/Business/Market Analyst will assist with data entry for a number of company documents. We will provide approximately 100 pages of text that will need to extract key information from that text into a spreadsheet. We will provide specific details about which elements need to be captured.

Summary Report: The Research/Business/Market Analyst will be expected to create a short (approx. 10 page) summary of the key findings of the market research described above. This task will involve summarizing details about the client and the 10 competitors along each dimension. This summary will be formatted and edited by our editor, so the task is simply focused on summarizing the content.

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