Our Philosophy

MQ Business Solutions grew out of our co-founder’s realization that a small team could provide tailored consultancy services to meet our clients’ needs, while simultaneously being committed to advancing our position as a leader in the industry.

Our Founding Team


Christopher Johnson

“Becoming a market leader is best achieved through strategies that prioritize growth.

Christopher partners with business leaders across our client firms to help them develop tailored business solutions while keeping their goals and challenges in mind. Prior to founding MQ Business Solutions, Christopher worked in strategy development and consulting for a number of startups, with a focus on the development and implementation of best practices. Christopher is a graduate of Penn State.


Jessica Brown

“My vision for MQ Business Solutions is to combine clients’ business goals and initiatives to help them achieve their potential.”

Jessica is committed to helping his clients identify the appropriate strategies and practices by honing in on their unique needs while also considering their challenges. Jessica has vast experience in management consulting and as a data scientist that she draws on to offer innovative client solutions. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts.